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Let's Talk About Self-Care

Self-Care is extremely important for our well-being, but a lot of us don’t know why and how to practice this. It’s okay to struggle with it, it’s not something you will learn overnight. Accepting that is a first step. Self-Care means something different to everyone. Just like we all have a different fingerprint, we have a different way of taking care of ourselves.

Most people think self-care is not "that" necessary and just involves cleaning your face/body. It's much more than that. For a lot of us, it's hard to take care of ourselves because of underlying traumas, feelings, and emotions. But self-care is REALLY important in life and in your healing journey. We’re here to open up the conversation about self-care and help you find what you need to get some inner peace.

​​​​​​​2 speakers who have struggled with practicing self-care will share their journey on finding out what it means to them. They will talk about the underlying reasons for not being able to find inner peace, what helps them at the moment, and more. You can ask them anything you want & you're more than welcome to share something too (you don't have to). We're here to make you feel heard and understood.
Presentation by
Charity Let's Break the Shame

2 hours

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